How It Works

Buying on OwlOnline

OwlOnline is the home of local crafts. It’s the place to buy hand-made and hand-crafted gifts, crafts and artwork, sold by the artists and designers themselves. Every purchase from OwlOnline supports a genuine craftsperson. 

Step 1: Register

To buy something create an account register You can save various items and favourite shops, after which you can view your order history and contact Sellers via our messaging service. You could then leave feedback about your order, which is much appreciated by the community. 

Step 2: Add To Your Basket

If you want to buy something, then select ‘Add to Basket’ on the item page and it will then be added to your shopping basket, which you can see at the top of each page.

You may add as many items to your basket as you’d like, including from several different crafters and check out all in one go! Once they’re in your basket you can change the quantities or remove them by reducing quantity to zero. 

When you add an item into your basket it doesn’t remove it from sale, so to avoid disappointment we recommend that you purchase straight away. 

Items you select will then stay in your basket until you remove them, or until you either logout or checkout. Your browser may also end your session by timing out. 

Step 3: Check Postage Costs

Postage costs are at the bottom of an item page under the Shipping tab. They vary depending on where the items are being posted, how many items are being sent, the size and the weight. Postage costs for your order will be shown in your basket before you confirm your payment. These postage costs are set by the individual Seller – if you have any questions about this, please contact the Seller directly.

Step 4: Make Payment

All payments are sent directly to the Seller. At checkout you will need to pay with your card using our secure online payment partner, Stripe.

We support payments from all major credit and debit cards. Our online payment system is simple to use – just enter the information required and confirm your order. The transaction will appear on your card statement as the Seller’s name or shop name. If you buy from more than one Seller then the transactions may appear separately.

Step 5: Take Delivery

Postage times are set by the individual Seller and are stated at the bottom of each listing. Delivery will vary depending on the method. For further details about posting, please contact your Seller.

When your item has been posted you will receive an automated email telling you it’s on its way. 

Step 6: Leave feedback

Once you’ve received your order, please leave a review here Dashboard > Activity > Reviews. 

Please rate your order with the Seller from 1-5 stars, one being poor and five being brilliant.  

If you’re unhappy with your order, please contact the Seller before leaving any negative feedback. They should be able to resolve any issues with you direct. 


If for any reason the products don’t arrive, we recommend you cancel the order and request a refund from the Seller. 
See our Cancellation & Refunds page for more details