Seller Terms and Conditions

Brief explanation

  1. OwlOnline is a platform for “Sellers” to sell crafts, upcycled items, craft supplies and other craft products online directly to “Buyers”.
  2. OwlOnline does not handle any products or make any refunds or payments with regard to products.
  3. All sales of products are strictly between the Seller and the Buyer, we just provide the Platform enabling this to happen.
  4. The sales contract is between each individual “Seller” and the “Buyer”. OwlOnline provides a service to facilitate that contract and is not responsible for it or its fulfilment in any way whatsoever.
  5. All items must be good quality and hand-made or hand-crafted.

Deems of Acceptance and changes

  1. By completing an Application Form and using and all sub-domains, deems acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions” (T&C’s).
  2. T&C’s may change at any time, therefore please check our website for any updates. Your continued use of OwlOnline after changes are made means you agree to these changes.
  3. Applications to sell will be evaluated and may not necessarily be accepted. Apply here.
  4. You must be 18 years or older to sell via OwlOnline and must guarantee that you personally have authority to agree to these T&C’s.  
  5. By uploading content, you agree to OwlOnline reproducing your work for marketing purposes for example in blogs, on websites in print and any other marketing deemed helpful and necessary by OwlOnline. 
  6. You must not hold any more than one account with us, unless it’s for a different business.
  7. You agree to pay the fees set out in the Payment Plan.

Payment Plan for using Owlonline

  1. A monthly Payment Plan equates to one calendar month e.g., sign up on 10th January and membership runs out on 9th February, one calendar month later.
  2. An Annual Payment Plan equates to one calendar year i.e., join on 1st February and your Payment Plan runs out on 31st January the following year.
  3. Payment Plans are paid in advance by Direct Debit. Failure to keep up to date with payments will lead to your shop being closed.
  1. Refunds are not permitted and are not transferrable.
  2. This Payment Plan will be managed through our secure gateway Stripe.

Payment Gateway for sales of your products

  1. Our secure payment gateway is with Stripe. Buyers will need to agree to abide by their Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Any queries, questions or issues with payments for products are between the Seller, the Buyer and Stripe. 
  3. The Seller’s contract with regard to payment of products and refunds is with Stripe, not OwlOnline.
  4. OwlOnline takes no responsibility for any issues between the Seller and the Buyer.

Your Shop (the Seller)

  1. Please use your own photographs to promote products.
  2. If selling made-to-order items, the photographs used to promote the products need to state “example” on the image. 
  3. To ensure the stock management system works properly, Sellers need to include how many of each product are in stock.
  4. If required the Seller can take down their products or close their page for example if on holiday, however your Payment Plan will still need to be paid. 
  5. There is no refund or credit if you do not use the site for a period of time.
  6. When uploading your products, please choose as many categories as possible that are relevant.  
  7. It’s important to try and calculate the cost of posting before adding it to each item.
  8. Alternatively, you could list the item as free postage in which case you may then want to include the postage cost in the price of the item.
  9. In the event of account closure, your Payment Plan is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  10. OwlOnline can refuse service to anyone at any time and terminate their Payment Plan without refund and without notice.
  11. Listings are active for 4 months or until they sell. After which they may be taken down without notice. 
  12. If products are bespoke or personalised i.e., name, picture or similar, that needs to go onto product – this list is not exhaustive – the Seller will contact the Buyer direct for details or vice versa. OwlOnline takes no responsibility. 
  13. If the product is a gift, then it is suggested that the Seller does not include the invoice with the products. 
  14. When a product has been sold, the Seller will receive a notification. It is the responsibility of the Seller to check their designated account to make sure monies have been credited before sending items.
  15. You are responsible for everything that you upload.
  16. OwlOnline is not responsible for any loss of sales, data, opportunity or revenue. 

Dispatching sold items

  1. OwlOnline does not handle dispatching, returns or refunds for products nor is it accountable for a Seller’s failure to provide the products they have listed.
  2. Sellers are responsible for dispatching sold items to Buyers promptly. When you have received payment, you should post the item within 3 working days (unless otherwise stated on your listing page).
  3. It is essential the Seller obtains proof of despatch to Buyers designated address in case of non-delivery. 
  4. The Seller is obliged to resolve non-delivery of items direct with the Buyer. 
  5. OwlOnline takes no responsibility for non-delivery of items and is not responsible for resolving issues between Buyer and Seller for non-delivery. 
  6. In the unlikely event an order does not arrive, be prepared to provide valid proof of dispatch. Valid proof of dispatch must show that the item actually was dispatched and that it was sent to the Buyers designated address.


  1. The seller must not upload content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, obscene, vulgar or contravenes someone else’s intellectual property or is false, deceptive, or misleading – this list is not exhaustive.
  2. Forbidden items include drugs, weapons, pornography, hazardous materials, and explosives – this list is not exhaustive.
  3. All listings are monitored and if any product is deemed unfit for sale or unacceptable by OwlOnline, it will be taken down immediately without notice forfeiting any monies paid to OwlOnline, and without a requirement to contact the Seller.

Disputes and Refunds

  1. In the case of refunds for products – the Seller’s contract is with Stripe and the Buyer (not OwlOnline). Please refer to Stripe Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Seller agrees to resolve all disputes between the Buyer and the Seller.
  3. If the Seller is unable to complete an order or guarantee supply, the Seller must notify the buyer, cancel the order and refund the Buyer in full. 
  4. Any other issues between the Buyer and the Seller i.e., colour not correct, wrong size, description incorrect etc – this list is not exhaustive – are to be resolved between the Buyer and the Seller direct. OwlOnline takes no responsibility. 


  1. OwlOnline does not have any legal responsibility for the products listed. The Seller is responsible for all legal requirements.
  2. If a Seller is found to be using or breaching another party’s copyright or trademark, they take full legal responsibility of doing so and could have their Payment Plan terminated without notice and without refund.
  3. Sellers must ensure they have all necessary rights to the products they are selling.
  4. Sellers are responsible for protecting personal information received and must comply with all relevant legal requirements. This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws.
  5. Sellers must not use OwlOnline for any illegal or unauthorised purpose and agree to comply with the law. 


  1. Be mindful that you are unable to collect data, including email addresses, without the the Buyer’s permission.
  2. You must agree to our Privacy Policy.


  1. The Seller is responsible for keeping their password secure.
  2. OwlOnline is not responsible for the promotion of products, it simply acts as a third-party platform for you to sell products online via a secure payment gateway.
  3. Be mindful that OwlOnline could terminate or change the service for any reason at any time without notice.
  4. Craft Fayres, Markets, Special Events and Pop-up Shops can be marketed on our Events page after approval from OwlOnline here.
  5. Sellers are to provide a high level of customer service, respond to messages in a timely manner and honour the commitments made.
  6. VAT: OwlOnline is a brand name of Owl Enterprises Ltd and is not VAT registered.

Further information

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You can find more information on your legal responsibilities as a Seller and manufacturer here